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    Appraise & Activate your company's unsuspected potential

  • 7D Tool

    Our 7D tool generates a unique mapping of human potentials to be activated and offers an estimated cost in €.

  • What are 'intangible assets'?

    Intangible assets represent an average of 87% of a business' total value.


    They are the DNA of a company and a precursor to value creation - including financially.


    Intangible assets are divided into 5 different statements - fundamental purpose (or market challenges), knowledge, communication, emotion, and process.




  • Our offer

    Get your full 7D scan in 3 steps

    1. The contextualisation of a company is established

    2. Intangible assets are revealed


    3. Human potentials are activated

  • Our promise

    A tailored 7D Full Scan according to 7 different profiles



    Your major challenges

    1. Addressing emerging digital issues
    2. Meeting customers' evolving needs


    7D key solutions

    1. Gain more knowledge based on the perception of your external & Internal ecosystems and the innovation required
    2. Meet and learn for your clients and diverse stakeholders to fit the real needs 



    Your major challenges

    1. Limiting HR turnovers
    2. Gaining stakeholders' trust


    7D key solutions

    1. Target your main HR skills needed
    2. Set your three prioritary strategic actions

    Large companies


    Your major challenges

    1. Improving inter-department communication to avoid internal rivalry
    2. Reconciling short and long term ROI


    7D key solutions

    1. Concrete tool to enhance communication among in-house stakeholders
    2. Set priorities to fit ST-MT-LT strategies



    Your major challenges

    1. Earning investors' trust
    2. Allocating resources according to your strategic priorities


    7D key solution

    1. Substantiate growth and strategy intentions
    2. Better management after activating unexploited potentials

    Expert accountants & Trustees


    Your major challenges

    1. Anticipating the impacts of the digital revolution on your sector
    2. Strengthening close customer relationships.


    7D key solutions

    1. Add an innovative tool to your usual toolbox
    2. Engage in subtler discussions with your clients



    Your major challenges

    1. Adopting a holistic perspective about your clients' specific context
    2. Appraising intangible assets in an exhaustive manner.


    7D key solutions

    1. Use a wide range of information to better advise your clients
    2. Raise your clients' awareness of their intangibles



    Your major challenges

    1. Presenting a different offer than those already available on the market
    2. Acquiring a proven credibility.


    7D key solutions

    1. Become a 7D expert
    2. Use a quantitative method to talk about human behaviour and spyche

    Future 7D Experts


    Learn all the secrets about the 7D method and offer this complementary tool to your favorite clients for smarter business partnerships!

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    Michel de Kemmeter


    Michel is a Belgian entrepreneur, real estate investor and author of 'The New Economic Game'. In 2006, he founded OtherWays SCRL, a R&D center on economic transitions that was later converted into Wise Holding, an entity developing genuine transition tools for businesses, governments and citizens.

    Isaline Delforge

    Project Manager

    Isaline possesses an academic background merging sociology, political sciences (Institut Saint-Louis) and economics (Solvay). She is fascinated by the interdependence between humans and value creation - including its financial aspect. 7D-Value is a practical tool that helps convert her theories into tangible facts.

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